Vanja Haglund Burman


Tiden är inne för en ny utställning.

Welcome! There is a new exhibition to come! Soon...

Dancing queen,

oil on canvas

... at Galleri Norrsken

i Gamla Stan i Stockholm

29 april-4 maj 2017


Vernissage lördag 29 april 14-18

öppet lör 14-24,

sön-mån 14-18,

tis-tor 15-19

Bollhusgränd 8, vid Köpmantorget Gamla Stan, Stockholm



Multi-layer-art. Never lay down, never settle. Always care. Live now.


Some views I love and I cannot help returning to them. Looking at my work over time you often find the same angles but with a new twist.

Probably it is a fixation or obsession, something I am stuck in.


I guess all of us have some silhouette or scenery that keeps popping up, a place that wants your attention.


My paintings are naturalistic , even if I frequently put in something else to obtain a certain thought, feeling or doubtfulness. Sometimes I have to change the meaning of the painting, or at least give it a boost.



Sometimes I have no idea what the painting needs





Lotus Beneath, oil on canvas 50x40 cm

Vanja Haglund Burman ©2017